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Planting Tips:

Double-check the soil’s pH before planting, avocado trees like the soil’s pH to be around 6-6.5. Make sure planting media doesn’t contain rocks and gravel. Younger trees should be watered 2-3 times a week, fully mature trees need about 20 gallons a day, always check the soil before watering, as the soil should be moist but not saturated. Be sure to water the tree right after planting.

Heat Damage Prevention:

We recommend painting the trees with white latex paint and mixing it with two parts of water. Paint the trunk and stems with the mixture, avoid painting leaves. When temperatures reach over 105, we recommend covering trees with a Floating Row Cover, available on Amazon. Remove Row Cover once temperature returns to more moderate weather.

Cold Temperatures:

We recommend using the Floating Row Cover to protect the trees in extremely icy weather as well. Simply cut the material to fit the tree and tie it loosely around the tree. If you are growing multiple trees, we recommend having an efficient irrigation system that will water the trees to keep them from freezing. Make sure the water isn’t too cold and be cautious of overwatering.

Tree Care and Tips
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